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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 19, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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3 3 3 3 we have some school delays to pass along to you this morning. carroll and hhward county schools are opening 2 hours lat. late.baltimore county schools are opening 1 hour late.
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a city police officer is in the hospital thissmorning
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pfter being shot in a parking garage just a block from police headquarters. he'ss expected to survive, but this comes as police are preparing to bury one of their own today, shot and kiiled just over a wwek ago. joel d. smith is live at shock trauma with the latest on the shooting right now. good morning joel d. good morning patrice, the detective in here is recovering, and is eepected to survive. he was shot in the leg , and then fell down a stairwell in a parking garage after exchanging shots with the suspect... that suspect still on the loose this morning. (ad lib) lib) here was the scene last niiht... a lot of police activity obviously after one of tteir own was shot.. but this also happened just about a block from police headquarters.... inside the parking garage at frederick and water ssreets. police tell us this plain clothes detective was simply going back to his car to get some
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personal itemsswhen he was confronted by a man who pulled out a gun. the detective then quickly took out his own gun and the two exchanggd fire. the officer was hit in the leg and thee fell down a stairwell injuring his shoulder as well. but still, commissioner fred beelefeld is grateful this didn't end a different way, 2654 the detective recognizee that this person had aahandgun, and ... protect himself and take the suspect into custody, ... opened fire, and they exchanged some shots. 3 police are nottsure if the suspect was shot, or if he knew he was exchanging fire with an officcr. they are currently looking over security tapes from the garage to try get a better right now. once again, the detective in here is expected to recover. the force, most recently of working with homicide. and he's thh second officer shot &pin the last 9 daas. live at
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shock ttauma, joel d. smith, fox 45 morninn news. as one plainclothes officer is recovering this morning.. another is being laid to rest. officer william torbit.. was killld by fellow officers in a shooting earlier this month. torbit was an 8-year veteran of the force.loved ones gathered at the wy-lie funeral home in randalstown for his viewing last night. the 33-year-old was shot to death by friendly ffre outside of a up a fight. fight. be held at the cathedral of ll mary our queen on north ccarles street at 11 a-m. and a note to ddivers... charles street will be closed to traffic between homeland avenue aad northern parkway from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. with detours in effect. 3 a murdered las vegas showgirl was remembered by friends and family here in maryland. more than 100 people came out to a vigil for debbie narveaz. narveaz. it was held at old mill high school in millersville, where debbie graduated from. she moved to las vegas
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two years ago to persue her dreams of dancing. 3 &p "we ent to homecoming n 94.........find debbie 3 3alive." alive." police say an ex-boyfriend innvegas .... jason griffith ... choked debbie to deatt ... dismembered her body and encased ii in concrete. he's now in custody, charged with her murder. 3music music weeks after she disappeared still praying for a missing &pteen. a special service was held &plast night at the new christian bible church for phylicia barnes. he teen came to baltimore from north carolina for the holidays. she went missing days after christmas and hasn't been seen since. as police continue to search for her ... phylicia's story has gone national.
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several networks have featured her story. her attention will help bring her home. today... the nation mourns the loss of sargent shriver... former vice presidential nominee... and brother in-law-of former president john f. kennedy. kennedy.shriver served as president kennedy's first director of the peace corps... and leader of president lyndon johnson's war on poverty.his death comes two years after the passing of his wife, eunice kennedy, who founded was 95 years old. investigators say all three fiery packages sent to government buildings in maryland... are linked. earlier this month... packages addressed to top officials... ignited at two separate state similar package turned up at a postal faciliiy in washington... where the mail is screened and forwarded to say they still don't know who sent the packages... but investigators ay they plan to conduct fingerprint analysis.
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lawmakers are being pushed to raise maryland's minimum wage to 10-dollars an hour.. bbt no &pthe idea. annapolis likes - &pis 7-25 an hour.. but a lobbying group says that's not enough to make a living. (dennis) "$15,000 just doesn't doesn't make the ends meet for a family trying to make it these tough economic ti" times."(george) "when you raise the minimum wage like that, you take less revenue out of the businesses coffers to be able to invest for growth and developmmnt to increase their business." the last time maryland raised the minimum wage was 5 years ago. have any noisy neighbors?if so... they could soon find themselves behind bars... if bbltimore city lawwakers get their way. way.a bill before the ciiy council... looks to fine property owners up to one- thousand dollars for ausing a nuisance.under the bill... violators could also be sentenced to 60 days in jail.
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3 "the scumbags that own... go to jail" jail."the bill is scheddled to go before the city council during next monday's meeting. some weight loss plans are easy for you to get started on withoutt much help from others. but what about a do-it- yourself gastric bypass surgery? it's being sold on amazon ... and doctors are outraged. outraged. theekit sells for 264-dollars ... and is advertised as a do- it-yourself surgery kkt. it comes complete with a syringe, scapel and more. doctors are shocked something like that could be sold on the internet. they say it could be very dangerous if not deadly. "shock. absolute shock. there's certain information. there's certain equipmmnt... supplies that deeinitely should not be sold on the inter" inteenet." medplus
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inc ....the company that sells medical facility and not for in- home use. amazon has pulled the product for now. coming up on the early edition... suprising secrets to online shopping... exposed. exposed.(spencer greer)"i've become used to it so it just doesn't phase me much just ignore it" it"how you can protect yourself. yourself.what a difference a day makes.we don't have the ice... but we do have foggy conditions... especially here on route 50 at the bay bridge. happening on the roadways coming up in the traffic edge're watching fox45 early edition. [ male announcer ] rockin out to the big hot pastrami.
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coming up... never run out of money.the 15 things you can make sure you don't have to worry about your retirement. retirement.(spencer greer-band member) "i usually shop for electronics or music equipment and.. an online shopping danger.. that's perfectlyy you can fighh back. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) ds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack.
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online.. only to have the price change half way through the purchasing process?it's called dynamic pricing.. and it's actually legal. kathleen cairns explores... surprising secrets to web shopp. shopping. (music on computer)(nats) spencer greer's band, 'captain jack' uses the website to promote it's music, and to purchase items band members need. (spencer greer-band member) "i usually shop for electronics or music equipment and find i can find the best prices on line because of the compptition of different retailers.." he's noticed pop up ad's that show up before the purchase:(spencer greer)"i've become used to it
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so it just doesn't phase me much just ignore it"but product prices can also change.. in an instant... something the better business bureau wants consumers to know: (bbb-angie barnett)"it's a new form of price discrimination" angie barnett explains: (bbb-angie barnett)"the bottom line is a business is tracking your spending habits, patterns your interests what it is that drives yyu to purchase." it can be a disadvantage, (nats--click click of the mouse) (bbb-angie barnett)"and they may charge a different price for one customer then they will another..there is discrimination. the discrimination is often times based upon whats called a reservation price that is the highest price they figure out you are willing to pay for that item" the website will suddenly say one product is unavailable, but the more expensive version is up for grabs. airlines are notorious for using the tactic, just ask nigel, a college student:(nigel assam-college student)"i would just check around and if i
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find a cheaper price elesewhere thats typically what i do"companies that change their pricing instantly.. can do so llgally: it's considered free enterprise. (bbb-angie barnett)"how it appeals to the ethiis is.. its not fair! there is an element that it is simply not fair"it's called dynamic pricing. while legal- (???) but does it violate privacy laws(???) many consumers are unaware of the personal information they are revealing while surfing the web. (bbb-angie barnett)"we shop on line without ever looking at the terms and conditions of the privacy policy, they clearly disclose they will place cookies.. track your habits browse on line going from one website to the otterto see what your interests are..they fully disclose most often who they are going to sell your information too"the best advice from the better business bureau: delete cookies from your browser. surf and shop with one
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computer, purchase the item from another computer. have a seporate email account just for purchasss. and when you do decide to purchase, let he items sit in the shopping cart for a while, it can work to your dvantage. (angie)"and they may offer you a shipping something like that" so next time your using your mouse to shop:(nats click click) remembee what your revealing.. with each click. (voice only)(bbb-angie barnett)"we give so much information on line, "kc fox 45 news at 10 coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... it's never too late.. to save for retirment.the 15 things you can do.. to make sure you enver run out of money. defensive coordinator is on - jjb greg attison accepted.. and the coach they promoted to take his place. ((break 3))
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tammy from kent island sent in
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this picture of little antonio...loving his first ravens helmett no matter where you're from...we're looking for all of you ravens fans to send us innphotos showing off your "purple pride". go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on the community features section. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... governor o'malley begins his second term tooay.a political analyst weighs in oo what could be aa the top of the governor's agenda. agenna.
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